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HALO Membership Benefits

Heartland Area Land Owners seeks to organize, educate, and engage member landowners to better advocate for their own land use priorities and their property rights. By becoming a member today, some benefits you will receive:


HALO members receive invitations to HALO’s family-friendly events with other members to network and build community. Area picnics, “lunch-and-learn” events, and other gatherings of members and member-friends who share a passion for their land and protecting the rights that come with owning it. Many members also volunteer to host events at their farm, and HALO provides grants to cover the cost of food, invitations, and other necessary items.


You’ll have access to success stories from other landowners, resources about how to talk to county commissioners and development boards, and connections to HALO staff who always stand ready to answer questions or help point you in the right direction to help you protect your property rights.


Yearly Heartlander magazine mailed directly to your home. Our Heartlander Magazine is loaded with content designed specifically for landowners who have renewable energy leases or who are interested in the idea of using their land to generate revenue while developing renewable energy. Articles about industry issues, the latest from state capitols, stories featuring landowners like you sharing their lessons learned and other helpful information. And, of course, no good rural magazine is complete without submitted recipes, photo competitions, stories highlighting members, crossword puzzles, games for the kids, and so much more.

Regular Communication

HALO values your time and will ONLY send you emails that are useful for you in your specific area. We’ll keep you updated every month (as necessary) with emails that have important project updates and resources that will equip you with the tools you need to keep you informed and help you protect your property rights.


When the timing is right, we’ll make sure you know who to talk to, when to talk to them, and what to say in order to make sure your property rights are protected at the county level. People all across the heartland are organizing to stop property owners from using their land to develop renewable energy. As a member of HALO, you’ll become part of an organized and engaged group of landowners who will show up to community meetings, call and email their local officials, and ensure the voice of property rights advocates rings loud and clear against the opposition that seeks to stop us from using our land.

With a HALO membership you will also receive discounts at popular stores we are developing corporate partnerships with every day. Stay tuned!

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 "HALO has helped me and my family get better informed and better engaged to make sure our voice is heard when the county starts making decisions."


"HALO Connectors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Their resources are an absolute lifesaver." 


"Huge thanks are owed to the folks at HALO who helped make sure we were able to keep our farm in our family. Not sure how we would have done it without them."

Heartland Area Land Owners (HALO) seeks to organize, educate, and engage member landowners to better advocate for their own land use priorities. Our landowner members are passionate about their land, our world, and stewarding the resources that feed America and power its economy.